Journey 2: The InfiniVerse

by HeaT Flare

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    I created this journey in order to expand everyone's minds to the artist I know personally. I hope you enjoy as the story unfolds.

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released April 2, 2011




HeaT Flare Maryland

25 year old producer from Baltimore, Maryland. I guess I could describe my sound as evolutionary. I take the old genres of yesterday and add my little twist on them. I mostly specialize in atmospheric/ambient music but I am never afraid to bounce to other genres every now and then. I hope you enjoy and thanks for checking out my page. ... more

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Track Name: The Unknown feat. Corruption
Chorus x2
I'm not seen through the glass, with, no gleam;
I'm not known within the path, of the unknown;

Without a whisper, without even the slightest sound;
Void to sight, energy disappears and can't be found;
It's like a vortex directing key like a funnel;
We ask ourselves, should we move to the end of the tunnel;
Scientist say it's just your body losing sight;
Religious folks claim it's God laying down his might;
I feel the creator is a being that is undefined;
Brainstorming processing the spirit channels in my mind;
Logically with thoughts of a promise land, hell on Earth just causes statistics;
Gangs, Holy wars, famine, and poverty no charity makes it already seem apocalyptic;
It's just a struggle to live, yet so easy to die;
Most of your time spent is used to study our lives;
At the age of understanding, your ki is up;
Unless you're one of the people who's time comes with luck;
If you're lucky all of the signs will be shown;
Hopefully, all of our energy travels, to the Unknown

Chorus x4
Track Name: The Dimensional Club feat. Kerri Wilson
Have you ever journeyed to a different club;
The lights are shining everywhere even above;
It's a dimensional rift but can you trust;
If you don't move it might turn you into dust;